The moment has finally come! We can now confirm that Poncho will be releasing in… September! So hold on just a little longer, soon you’ll be able to explore the beautiful world of Poncho… WE’RE SO EXCITED!!!! ^-^

Well now that’s out of the way, what else has been happening?

Console builds done!

Well now we’ve got the console builds up and running, we have to say it’s awesome seeing Poncho on the big screen! We’re about to send the game off to nintendo and sony, apparently they really like what they’ve seen of the game so far, so that’s a good sign.


Some of you have been asking what languages Poncho will support on release. We are happy to announce that the game will be releasing in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and Portuguese! We may add more later, but this seems like a good start.


That’s right, we will be returning to EGX this year to meet you lovely people and show off the game! Come say hi, all of us will be there. We have some other shows in the works as well, we’ll be announcing where else poncho will be appearing soon.

A lovely review!

Syfy games has done a lovely preview of Poncho, if you’re wondering what the game will be like when you finally get it, then check it out in the link below!


Take a look at how the world has been progressing…

 Like our Facebook page!

If you haven’t already, you should like our Facebook page for Poncho! We post updates more regularly on there, and soon we’ll be running some cool competitions that might even involve the giveaway of a few steam keys…  If you were a true fan, you’d check it out! 😀

In closing…

This has been an incredible journey. Soon Poncho will be released, and everyone will be able to play the best thing any of us have ever worked on. I hope you like what you see when it finally comes out, till then, we say farewell till next time!

– All of us at Delve interactive

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