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PONCHO – A Postmortem 54

It’s finally over… Hello everyone! It’s finally time, to get down to the PONCHO postmortem, where we talk about everything that went right, and everything that went wrong with the development of the game. It’s a been a long, almost 5 year journey that has changed us forever. Now, a year after the initial release, […]

PONCHO is in the Steam Sale!

Good day everyone! PONCHO is on sale once again! Right now it’s 40% off, so get it while you can, sale ends in one week! ^-^ TELL YOUR FRIENDS! 😀 Also we’ll be posting a BIG update post soonish, with release dates for other platforms and stuff… exciting times!


THE TIME HAS COME! The official release date for PONCHO is…. *Drum roll* November 3rd! That’s right, Poncho will be releasing on Steam (as well as many other DRM free sites) AND PS4 on November 3rd. The Wii U and Vita versions are on the way, and will also be coming out in the near […]

More news! We’re at Comic Con – London!

Good day people! ^-^ Ok… so a bunch of stuff has happened over the last few weeks. We know that we said in the last big update that we’d announce our release date soon, but we were waiting for one last hurdle to jump… Certification. Which we have just now passed!  We’re going to have […]


The moment has finally come! We can now confirm that Poncho will be releasing in… September! So hold on just a little longer, soon you’ll be able to explore the beautiful world of Poncho… WE’RE SO EXCITED!!!! ^-^ Well now that’s out of the way, what else has been happening? Console builds done! Well now […]