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Good day to you all! 😀 It’s been aaaaaaages since we last posted anything about how Poncho is doing. Sorry about that! BUT. We have been very busy! We’ve got some new stuff to show you, as well as updates on how development is going in general. We decided to try and make our updates […]

Kickstarter post-mortem, failure sucks 3

Hey guys, So now the kickstarter has failed, after a ton of work and hopes and dreams being thrown into it. So now I’m writing this post-mortem to show others where it went right and where it went wrong. It sucks. We really did risk everything on this, all of our resources and time went […]


Hello Everyone! I’m super excited to announce that the PONCHO KICKSTARTER, is now live! help us out by telling your friends, or even donating to help us make this thing! Remember, you are awesome. This is awesome. I need to get a hold of myself, this is great! Please retweet and post this, we need […]


Hello Everyone! We are extremely excited to announce that we are now on Steam Greenlight and we have a new gameplay Trailer! OMG! Please help us by voting on Greenlight: All the feedback we’re getting is so awesome. Really, we’re overwhelmed by how many “YES” votes are coming in, please keep it going! And […]

Poncho looks different!

Hi everybody, It’s been super busy these last few weeks. The Poncho team is now officially in crunch mode, complete with messed up sleeping patterns and not going outside. Ever. EGX is only a month away now! Still much to be done, we’re making some more announcements in the next few days that we’re really […]

Development update! Also Freedom Planet!

Aaaaand we’re back!  😀 Apologies for going a whole month without an update, we’ve just been so damn busy! Preparing a demo for expos is hard… We’re going to pick up the pace from now on though, and in the next couple of months a lot of big announcements will be made. Firstly, at some […]