Good day to you all! šŸ˜€

It’s been aaaaaaages since we last posted anything about how Poncho is doing. Sorry about that!


We have been very busy! We’ve got some new stuff to show you, as well as updates on how development is going in general. We decided to try and make our updates as chunky and significant as we can, so we’re spacing them 3-4 weeks apart, generally. Also as you can see we’ve updated our website! Looking a little tidier.

So let’s see. What’s happened since the kickstarter failed and it looked like everything was over… Well, first off, as we said in our last post, we have been picked up by a publisher! While we won’t be spilling any details on that just yet, I can reassure you all that we still have total creative and independent control of Poncho. These guys haveĀ helped put a few other indie titles into the world before, so working with them is going swimmingly. We’ll let you guys know more on all that a few months from now.

And what’s been happening development wise? MORE CRITTERS AND CREATURES!

We’ve added several other creatures in the last couple of months since the alpha build went out, and we’ve also improved the AI of creatures we already had. It’s really important to us that this world feels as alive as possible, and to do that we believe we need lots and lots of things flying and scuttling about. Maybe we’ll post some pictures of them soon…

We’ve also listened to the feedback you all gave us from the Alpha build and from playing at EGX.

Some of you were finding the planeshifting a little difficult at times, so we’ve added a layer based colour mechanic to help differentiate the layers a little more. We’ve also increased the distance between layers and even, yes, we did it, we made those moving flashing blocks quite a bit easier by making them slower and giving them a flash warning before they move. Good times.



We also added these COOLĀ areas where you can use buttons to move the layers around to solve obstacle puzzles:




That’s all we can show you for now. Wouldn’t want to spoil the game too much, now would we?! The process now is pretty much just creating content for the final thing in several months. The time is almost nigh… Anyway, outside of development, we have some other things going on as well…

Firstly I can confirm that WE ARE STILL PORTING PONCHO TOĀ PS4 ANDĀ PSVita! We’ve managed to secure enough funding to see us securing those extra platforms, which is just awesome.

Secondly, WE’RE IN THE IGF! Well, submitted anyway. Fingers crossed we make it as a finalist in one of the categories! We’ll know in January…

Aaaaaaaand thirdly, WE GOT GREENLIT ON STEAM! We couldn’t have made it this far without your support guys. Thank you so much! Now we can finally rest easy knowing valve has our back for the Poncho release date. ^-^

I think that’s it for this dev update, if you want to keep up to date on a daily basis about everything that’s going on then follow me and the official Poncho pages on Facebook and Twitter!


Danny’s Twitter

Poncho’s Twitter

Poncho Facebook Page


Sorry about the late update, we’ll try and do them more often from now on! šŸ˜€





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