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The moment has finally come! We can now confirm that Poncho will be releasing in… September! So hold on just a little longer, soon you’ll be able to explore the beautiful world of Poncho… WE’RE SO EXCITED!!!! ^-^ Well now that’s out of the way, what else has been happening? Console builds done! Well now […]

It’s almost time… 1

FEBRUARY 20th! We reveal a new platform!  We reveal new levels and abilities!  We reveal who saved Poncho so we could keep making this!  We reveal why we’ve been really bad at posting updates…  We reveal a new trailer.  Release date, perhaps? Stay tuned guys. Things are about to get way more awesome for PONCHO. […]


Hello Everyone! I’m super excited to announce that the PONCHO KICKSTARTER, is now live! help us out by telling your friends, or even donating to help us make this thing! Remember, you are awesome. This is awesome. I need to get a hold of myself, this is great! Please retweet and post this, we need […]

Development update! Also Freedom Planet!

Aaaaand we’re back!  😀 Apologies for going a whole month without an update, we’ve just been so damn busy! Preparing a demo for expos is hard… We’re going to pick up the pace from now on though, and in the next couple of months a lot of big announcements will be made. Firstly, at some […]

Teaser Trailer!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the very first peek into the world of Poncho… At this point in development, I can confirm that we are now at the Alpha stage. We have a bunch of levels, the main mechanics, and some other, more secret stuff finished. So we finally feel ready to show our […]