Delve Interactive
Based in Sussex, United Kingdom

Founding date:
May 2nd, 2014


Press / Business Contact:

Danny Hayes - Skype




We are an indie games studio in the UK, focused on making immersive and original games that bring new experiences to the medium. We are a couple of guys in their early 20's, Danny Hayes (Coding and design) and Jack Odell (Music and design).


Before Poncho...

Before Poncho came into being, several things happened. At age 20, Danny was removed from his university in 2011 due to nasty, nasty tuition fee stuff and it seemed that all dreams of making games professionally might be over for him. However after a chat with his bud Jack, they realised they both wanted the same thing and partnered up to form a little dev team. Subsequently they began making iPhone games. While fun to make and it was cool to see people playing them around the world, unfortunately the games didn't make made any cash. So, with bills to pay and student debts and all that, Danny landed a job at Capcom and Beeline Interactive in London so they could save up some funds for this idea they had, about a robot who wears a Poncho, and can shift through layers of the world in a 2D/3D space...

Delve Interactive is formed! Some years later...

Suddenly in 2013/14, the fairly public downsizing of Capcom happened. Danny left the company that spring and Jack also left university. It was time... A bunch of things happened after that, Danny and Jack set up the studio officially and dived into full time work on Poncho. Working with new addition Matthew Weekes as an artist, quickly it was obvious they were making something great, and they've been driving themselves crazy with it ever since.



Poncho teaser trailer YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

    Team & Repeating Collaborators

    Danny Hayes
    Coder, Designer

    Jack Odell
    Music composer, Designer

    Matthew Weekes

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